Thursday, November 15, 2007

They must have done something right - Aztecs

Once more, I must reiterate how the Aztecs' surely have done some amazing things.
-Ruled over Central America for sum 300yrs
-Developed exasperating architecture
-And, what I feel is the most important aspect of the Aztec life style, created new agricultural methods.
Anyone who has ever met me knows that I can go on all day discussing the Aztec’s culture, but I solemnly promise to you(my readers) that I will not fall astray, So instead I rather share the tale of three. Yes, just three and to make it even better, It will be distributed throughout the total of three Days!
So I hereby declare this weekend nation Aztec Weekend, in which I will share with you three of the wonder foods of the Aztecan diet:
-Cacao: David Wolfe’s heavy hitter will be addressed first.
-Spirilina: The Wonders of Algae shall be day numero dos.
-Quinoa: And the so-called ‘Mother Grain’ will be last.
So for now, I bid you A’ due and tomorrow we will venture into the Land of the Jaguar.


Anthony said...

Excellent idea for a post...very creative. Keep up the good work and Ill be sure to keep reading. Nice layout too!

wyldegirl said...

beautiful photos, very well written posts, and how cool to be a 17 year old so ahead of the game health-wise?! Looking forward to reading more!