Monday, November 26, 2007

Go Green Jill!

My name is Gill, and I am excited that Ryan asked me
to write a Go Green Blog for his blogspot. Thanks
Chefdemocha! I want to introduce myself. I have been
Vegan since 2005 after being a Vegetarian for about 10
years prior. Even as a Vegan I was a "Junk food
Vegan" almost daily binging on sugar and carbs and
wasting precious resources eating much more than
anyone actually needs. I knew in my heart that the
only way for me to truly help the Earth I work so hard
to preserve, by saving resources, was by ultimately
becoming a better picture of health and an advocate
for my body as a temple as well as a healthy example
of a Vegan representative. This meant what I had known
all along. I needed to Go Raw. I met Danny & Kathy
this past summer and they have helped me on my path to
better health and a greener Vegan lifestyle. After
struggling and playing games with eating Raw and then
Binging and doing the same thing over and over
expecting different results (the definition of
insanity) I knew I needed to make a change. Danny
recently asked me if I would ever pollute the Earth I
so love to which I emphatically responded NO! Then he
asked if I thought I was connected to the Earth. I
said "Of course" and reiterated how I agreed that we
all make up the beauty of creation. It was when he
asked why I would pollute my body and waste precious
resources that I made the connect. Danny reminded me
of the "Crying Indian" who used to cry on the 1970
PSA( about
how people were destroying the Earth & its resources.
He explained how the "Crying Indian" was actually me
crying because of how I was polluting and destroying
my poor body (the Earth) which I profess to love.
Wow! That woke me up and I made the connect of my love
of the Earth with my need to love myself, and that was
my beginning of going High Raw. This blog will explain
how I try to live my life as Green Raw Mostly Raw
Vegan. I will provide glimpses into my life as well as
ideas I use to live a Greener Vegan life and limit my
carbon footprint.

My green idea for today: Instead of dreading winter as
I used to, get yourself bundled up (in your warm
clothes purchased at the local resale shop..more about
that at a later date) and go out for a brisk
walk..look at Holiday decorations, smell the scents of
the season, see the sights, exercise yourself and your
favorite companions, be they 2 or 4 legged...Get
moving; it will help you stay warm and embrace the
beauty of the season. Maybe adopt a shelter pet to be
your companion and keep you moving (more about this
later, too) . Be sure to keep your space clean by
picking up a couple of recyclables on your path...and
on your walk meditate on your gratitude. This will
warm youup inside & out. Wishing you Peace & Blessings
until next time, "Green Gill"

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