Thursday, December 13, 2007

Getting Greener with Gill! Recycling pt. #2

I am out of battery power on my camera so I need to
write to you this week to share the "How to Recycle"
part 2 of my Recycling blog and to reiterate some
basic rules of thumb.

Where we live in Aurora, IL, thankfully we have
unlimited recycling and just pay for garbage stickers
so by creating less trash we are actually saving money
as well as resources and energy and we will not be
contributing to more dumps like the nasty Hillside
Landfill that leaves a stench in the air by my work
that makes it difficult to breathe.

I want to make sure you have the basic knowledge
needed to help the majority of the recycling you put
out actually get recycled.

DO NOT put plastic bags, styrofoam, plastic utensils,
straws, most fast food litter, #6 plastics,
appliances, Ewaste or batteries (see or bottles that held non water
soluble items in your bins. Do not bag up your
recycling or leave newspapers in plastic sleeves or
leave the plastic caps on your bottles. Do not leave
food or dirt in containers, but please dump and wipe.
See for further general DO and DON'T
lists. Greg at the recycling center said the worst
problem they see is people attempting to recycle
plastic toys and #6 plastics so please be cautious.
Toys are not recyclable. Please donate them. (more
about resale shopping later)

For cool ways to recycle just about anything check out

A holiday Green note:
If you haven't got a tree yet consider a potted
Christmas tree that will live long after the holidays;
use energy efficient LED lights; use recycled gift
wrap or make your own....

Until next week "Do the Best You Can With What You
Have Where You Are!" And educate others..
Peace & Blessings,
"Getting Greener Every Day",

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fruit Power! Interview

I knew since I hav been slacking lately I had to give my viewers something, or someone, who would smack it out of the park.
Today I bring to you the Amazing Richard Blackman! Who is a notorious fitness expert and long time Fruititarian, yes that is right - only fruit. Mr. Blackman, or F1 as he is also known, was kind enough to share some of his 'secrets', if you will, about his lifestyle.
The Interview w/F1:

Mocha: *Disclaimer: F1 - I know that I am not you, obviously, and your dietary regime or workout routine may not necessarily suit me, and vice -versa, but strictly out of pure curiosity, and the curiosity of others, I wish to ask you a few questions and hope I will get more in-sight on how you live and that which may apply to my lifestyle.
Also know that I have watched all of your videos and these questions I wasn't able to answer w/there help alone.

Richard Blackman(F1):Thanks for being so respectful, that means a lot to me....
As I said in my video's, people always want to know what I do and how I live/eat but my problem is that I don't spend my life analizing everything I do and I don't want to, that was cool when I first started out but now I've moved on, plus what I do depends on the seasons, climate, activities, etc, so sometimes it's next to impossible to give people the answers they want because what I say may change the week after because of a change in climate, I don't focus on food and with all the questions regarding food it can be a huge drag, like I say, I'm not trying to be rude, I just find talking about food and what I eat EXTREMELY boring, unproductive and not what we should be focusing on, plus I role in life is not to please peoples curiosity, I got better things to do with my time.

Mocha: F1 I find myself looking at some of the amazing things you have accomplished and

Mocha: Q1) I wonder exactly what you do eat on a daily basis (I remember that you once said you drank only orange juice one day, I find that interesting for someone like you to maintain such bulk w/ orange juice - once again, I am not criticizing, but just intrigued) and that you believe in eating less to maximize absorption of the nutrients, is that correct? If so, how much is enough, for instance do you only have one meal a day to monitor your intake or do you just eat until you're full? - or perhaps you may eat more on some days then others?
F1: A1) I just eat when I need to and stop when I get the signal and as far as I'm concerned that's all the thought I need to put into it, I don't see food as a treat, it's only to replace what you use up during activity.

Mocha: Q2) I know you promote outdoor exercise; I was wondering do you ever use a gym or standard weights? If you do, how many times a day/week - do you have rest days or days when you go lighter on yourself? If so, are those days premeditated or one of those wow! I feel kind of sore today, how about I take a breather, days.
F1: A2) I train outdoors come rain or shine if I have to I can do the same indoors, with what I do I can do anything anywhere, I have no routine I train everyday because I want to, I only do bodyweight exercises and power hiking/sprints and some conditioning drills, I'm always exploring, my main aim is to have fun playing and nothing is set in stone.

Mocha: Q3) Do you have any advice to a beginning raw foodist on how to gain muscle the way you did, fruititarian or 80/10/10rv, or perhaps you can give some pointers on which workouts you included, more frequently, in you day to day efforts?
F1: A3) My advice to new raw foodists can be found in the videos, but it goes like this, going raw is like training to be a navy seal, you gotta want it bad, it's a total mind and body over haul so make sure your going raw for the right reasons and make sure your in it for the long haul, find activities you love and do them intensly, stay active and realise that you will not make significant gains in performance or growth until you are clean internaly and are ready for rebuilding, food is not the solution, you have a process to go through and there's no escaping from it.

Mocha: Q4) Since fasting plays such a huge part in the lifestyle of other Fruitarians that I have spoken with, such as Viktoras K., I was curious if you ever fast in complement to your dietary practices?
F1: A4) In the fall/winter I don't need to eat very often if at all, sometimes I will go a day without having anything, even when active, I don't do that intentionally it's just how it goes sometimes but in the the Texas summer I have to stay hydrated, I don't fast intentionally.

Mocha: Q5) Finally, is your book almost ready to be released or is there any other exciting information of yours that you would like to share?
Thank you so much for your time,

F1: A5) My book is still a work in progress and it's looking like my "F.I.T System" DVD will be finished before the book is.

To further inquire about F1's fitness programs or just general workout/Raw or Fruititarian information - A link to his website in on the blog or

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Year in a Minute, or maybe two :)

As the Earth does its annual rotation, so do I! I move from one succulent (Ripe) in-season fruit, to the next. From Citrus, to Mangos, through Fig season, which then leads me to Persimmons! Nature has a perfectly evolved time-clock, which every fruit is already prepared in its eco-friendly packaging - how it was originally intended.
As you know, buying organic, sometimes, can be a hefty burden on a persons’ checkbook; but if the fruit is in season (preferably) local, it can relieve most of the pressure that our bank accounts can't handle. Saving cash and Eating healthy, that is the present I wish to bring you this Christmas - So I know present Mocha's Naughty and Nice List:
*Citrus (Oranges/Tangerines/Kiwi/Grapefruit/Berries)
- In 'Peak' season: January <-> April
Citrus is perfect for fighting off prime flu season, at-least in Chitown anyway, which runs late winter into early spring and acts as a wonderful cleansing fruit, for beginning raw foodist or "long-timers" who just came off of persimmon feasting and the cooler winter season. If you haven't noticed I do not include Pineapple in my diet, unless I have personally grown one or know someone that has, for a lot of essential nutrients have to be absorbed from the soil for a pineapple to fully ripen and lose its excess acidity - That's why, most, people can eat a so called ripe organic pineapple and have adverse side-effects towards them.
- In 'Peak' Season: May <-> July
Mangos, the most commonly consumed fruit in the world, pack amazing flavor and are supremely nutritious (High vitamin C & A, Dietary Fiber, & B Vitamins). Mangos contain fairly high caloric density and can keep a person going throughout the summer months! Also, make sure your Mangos are organically grown, if not the can have extremely toxic fungicides and Pesticides sprayed on them, so they can survive the long journey from South America - Most organic Mangos, that are in season, come from (North) America.
- In 'Peak' Season: August <-> September
Figs, My mouth starts salivating at the word, may be my number one fruit - closley followed by durian and Bananas. Figs don’t necessarily have to be organic, because sometimes, depending on where you live, a person may necessarily not be able to find organic figs - Just know that once a year, figs are sprayed w/methyl bromide and various other pesticides and fungicides(1).
- In 'Peak' Season: October <-> December
No better way to wrap up our year in a Minute, then w/ persimmons - We should be hanging these guys from our Christmas Trees, except I don't know how long they'll last :) They're two kinds of Persimmons, commonly seen in the U.S that is, which are Fuyus, which can either be eaten hard like an apple or when the fruit has developed a more soft flesh, and Hachiya, which are part of the astringent group of persimmons and have to be eaten when fully ripe - Very Soft and Jiggly flesh, both are delicious.
- Always in crop rotation - Always fresh
Support your Organic Banana Farmers - Inorganic Farming of Bananas are some of the most DEVESTING CROPS that are in circulation. For more information: Click Here>> organicgrocerydeals
*Melons & Coconuts
- Rotate Seasons w/each other: Melons warmer Months, Coconuts Colder Months
Both are Potassium rich pure water - Besides from Sprout Juice, I believe Melons/Coconuts are the 'Highest' vibe water a person can take in!
- Always in Season :)
I can go on-and-on about the benefits of sprouting, but I believe the majority of my viewers already know there power - I can go all year on just eating these guys alone! Between, Leafysprouts (Sunflower, Broccoli, Clover, etc), Grain Sprouts (Buckwheat and Quinoa, which both contain no gluten), and Bean/Pea Sprouts, I am Set.

- Figs Citation:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Wonderland

That is the word that encapsulates the whole spirit that the winter months have to offer.
The serene elegance, which is Snow, has already begun to grace me and my fellow in-habitant in the Great Midwest and will continue throughout the next 2-3 Months.
These are the times that most (organic) fruit, fresh anyway, is very difficult to come-by and if so, most likely at outrageous prices. So, for me at-least, during these months, I turn to grains and the trusty dehydrator.
Sprouted Grains (Quinoa & Buckwheat) are usually a main staple for me during the Winter months, for they are cold weather sprouts and most-likely would have been consumed at times familiar as these - if we were back in the days of our ancestors, due to the enormous nutritional content and the check-book friendly nature of these little guys :)
Grain dishes are also very satisfying and warming, but, this is where the dehydrator comes in, Grains (Buckwheat mostly - Quinoa can chill in the fridge anywhere from 1-2Weeks, if not to bitter to the pallet) ferment very easily - if sprouted and not immediately consumed. I suggest sprouting Buckwheat and then immediately dehydrating it for 3-5Hrs @ 105 - afterwards place in an Airtight container, located in a cool dark place in the house: Once this has been done, Buckwheat can keep for as-long-as one MONTH!!!
Once dehydrated, ground (Sprouted) buckwheat acts as a wonderful emulsifier, Due to the high lecithin content, and can be used as a substitute, in most cases, for nuts & seeds.
Since this >> Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket << is calling my name, I bid you all A'due - and until next time

Picture Credits: My Dad's Christmas Layout

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting Greener with Gill! Recycling

We are blessed to have Jill, in our second installment of "Go Green with Jill!", on ChefdeMocha and todays episode is on recycling and other various ways to reuse goods to save the wonderful planet:)
Jill, being such a recycling enthusiast, decided to put the blog post on tape, due to the lengthy time that it would take you to read it. So let’s all thank Jill for saving time and the Planet!

Monday, December 3, 2007

We're not gonna take it!!!

I have to turn to the lyrics of good ole' Twisted Sister in dark times, such as these.
but it is true, Green Pasteurization - We're NOT GONNA TAKE IT! If Legislation passes this through, no-longer will any commercial, non-organic, greens will be viable, but Organic produce will sky-rocket in price, due to the USDA increasing their annual certification rates.
THIS IS A CALL TO ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, who wish that there food is full of life and no avoid of all of its enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients! I never thought that such things could be passed, until Almond Pasteurization, but it is time to ACT
This is a Link to the Petition Forum and more information >> Click HERE <<
Please support our farmers and fend off these insane acts, before we no-longer have any say.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

No Way

I just went to the Doctor yesterday (I'm not sick, I just needed a current physical done for school)...
And, as-all-ways, He asked me the same two questions that every new Doctor I meet seems inclined to ask
- 1. How are you getting enough Protein?
- 2. Where do you get your vitamin B12?
So since I am hot on the subject, let me demystify the sleeping giant, which is the tale of vitamin B12.
So our story starts in a Time long ago, in a land that is far far away.
Ok! It wasn't that long ago and yes, it wasn't too far away either - In-fact it was in American, and all the countries for that matter, before the whole 'Pasteur and Germs' issue came about. Back before the USDA decided that anything that is natural cannot be good for us and irradiation, pasteurization, and pesticides were invented, raw fruits and Vegetable were able to roam freely in untreated soil - Free of Toxins and treated chemicals. Those were the days when we, Humans, were over-flowing with vitamin B12 and had not a care in the world of supplementation or other Meat & Dairy propaganda.
See the truth is, B12, a form of bacteria, is not in our food - it's on it. B12, a form of culture produced by acidophilus fermentation in the Soil, would then cling to the Vegetables or fruit that it came in to contact with. Unfortunately, after many years of removing these valuable bacteria from the soil, which our farmers (even organic)most-likely use to grow our Vegetable, Vegetables are no longer able to fill the requirements our body needs for this necessary bacteria.
So then Vegetarians, Vegans, and Living Foodies must now all turn to other sources that are 'up-to-snuf' with the B12 stuff (Dang I'm Gansta:), which I will, to the best of my knowledge, give a detailed break-down of each.
*Supplementation: The least recommended, but the most reliable. Over time, supplementation will be taxing on the bank account and may be analog (bad) B12 anyway - If it wasn't properly maintained.
*Fermented Products: Homemade fermented items are cheap, practical, and delicious. Kombucha, which is a strong source of B-12 (2C has 40-60% daily recommended dosage), can also be used to ferment other products, such as Raw Vegan Cheeses and Yogurts, as-well-as be consumed as a delicious beverage by its-self!
*Vegetables & Seaweeds: Properly grown Vegetables and Seaweeds (except Nori) are the most practical and nutritious way to intake the adequate amount of Human Viable B12. Seaweeds, with the exception of Nori - and the inclusion of Spirulina, Chlorella, & Blue-Green Algae, have exceptionally high amount of B12 and all of the Trace minerals of the ocean that surrounds them!

The truth is that no-matter what you tell the Doctors or ignorant people that jump on the medias' band-wagon, "The proof is in the Pudin'".
Just make sure you are taking in one of the three items listed, and you'll be able to show up your Doctor, if you even go to one, like I did.