Sunday, November 18, 2007

From the Womb

Quinoa, the so-called 'Mother grain', is at full capacity with its protein content and, on-top-of-that, they are all complete protein, which means that the protein contains all 8 essential amino acids. Also, Quinoa is great for raw fooders because it supplies the bulk calories, some people need, to gain muscle mass and is also very high in alkalizing minerals, such as Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium. Some people tend to speculate if Quinoa is an acidic grain, like most grains are, but there's no worries If your Quinoa is sprouted, which is the case for all raw foodist, the grain turns very alkalizing and it's nutrient density sky rockets!(There has been such recordings as the vitamin E content, per 100g, increasing 900% to 1200% - As if it wasn't already high enough) Along-with some of it's more hidden attributes, the most common consensus about grain is that they have High Fiber; which is indeed true, but not only when you sprout Quinoa does it become a predigested food and gain dramatic increases in vitamin and mineral potency, it maximizes it's dietary fiber store as-well. Although Flax is not only notourious for it's Omegas, but also it's Ligan content - Well I guess you can step aside flax, because Quinoa is chalk full of these probiotic forming ligans too!
To conclude the Weekend of the Aztec, I would like to share with all of you a recipie that I tweaked from Dr. Cousens book, Conscience Eating, called the Tri-dosha Grain Smoothie(which effectively balances all three dosha's with-in the Ayduavaic principle). Although I always have these sprouts on hand, for I am a hugh advocate of sprouting, others may not, in which case you could replace the buckwheat w/CocoPulp which is also nuetral to all of the Doshas(If you don't know what Dosh you are, I have a link under 'Lifesavers' which would help you detremine which type you are).
*Tri-dosha Grain smoothie
- 1/4C Buckwheat groats
- 1/4C Quinoa
- 1Tbsp Nutbutter
- Cocowtr
0 Salt
0 Stevia
0 Beepollen

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