Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gobbling your way to health: Not a Message for the Faint Hearted

-Picture credited to: http://www.jonathanfongstyle.com/flowers/thanksgiving_turkey.html

With an average American Thanksgiving ranging from 2500kcal all-the-way up to a whopping 4000kcal,which the intake of Fat is no-doubt in the high 60% range(meaning:170g-300g), and all health experts have to offer is to "Prepare sweet potatoes with little or no marshmallow cream..." I find this humorous since everyone, at-least in the rest of my carnivorous family, can't wait to rush to the table for the big feast, or ... that's what they call it anyway.

I just have such a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that when I even propose the idea of them trying one of my 'hearty' raw vegan dishes, they laugh! Followed with a quick shove aside by my Uncle while He's rushing over to the 'TurDuckIn'(probably the most cardio He's gotten all year).

So I now propose a challenge to my readers, I kind of homework if you will, don't take part in the devouring of that,poor, meat-based creature, which, basically, is ritualistically killed :(, then worshiped over the course of about 2 days(maybe 3 if you have leftovers:) and replace it with a vegan(hopefully, raw vegan) dish. Now I know this may be hard for some – others it was already planned, but no matter what the circumstance, the day after Thanksgiving, give yourself a pat on the back; because in-a-way, you just protested for the saving of life.

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