Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The riots in France got me thinking on how worse off some people truly are, even in wealthy countries, for instance America.
According to the Census Beauru, a family of five, a Mother and Father, two children, and an Aunt, cannot apply for government aid if they earn a total annual income of $25,000 or more(the government poverty line). $25,000 dollars a year - If you do the math, that allots for $9.92 per person a day. I am not trying to make anyone guilty or remorseful, I just feel that if people start looking at others with more compassion and love in their heart - then alot of these problems can be averted.
So, I have another challenge for my readers today: In-stead of being angry or disdainful towards a person/s(whether it be your teacher, a festered relationship between you and a family member, etc), just remember that they're only two emotions from which everything else spawns - That being -
Love(1) and Fear(2)

with that being said a person can approach life with Love(which snowballs into > Peace > Joy > Calamity > etc) or Fear( Timidity > Aggression > Anger > etc); either of those two emotions can determine the whole outcome of the day and eventually the path of your life.
So, I have one last writing to post: A letter, which I am now going to send to the French president in finalization of this blog. You may continue reading if you like - But if not I close, as-all-ways, with peace & blessings.

Mr. French President,
How about you put yourself in the rioters’ shoes, instead of making their life ever-more seem like hell. Mr. French President, Picture living with all of your countries minorities, without any opportunity for a better life(guessing that most of the commercial stores are long gone, due to violence, and public education is limited, if even an option). Mr. French President, your country men don't hate you or your police force, they only lash out at a society that gives no opportunities or love. Mr. French President, I close my letter hoping that no more bombs have to be blown or guns have to shot, only that this letter must be read for you to truly understand their situation.
P.s And the only thing that is "absolutely unacceptable", is acting out of the emotion of fear.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


November 25, 2007 - Borrowed Earth Cafe: A time of harmony with ones-self and that of others. On this particular blog, I truly feel that pictures say 1000 words - So instead I'm going to let the expressions of others, do the typing for Me.

^^Video^^Play Please :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Go Green Jill!

My name is Gill, and I am excited that Ryan asked me
to write a Go Green Blog for his blogspot. Thanks
Chefdemocha! I want to introduce myself. I have been
Vegan since 2005 after being a Vegetarian for about 10
years prior. Even as a Vegan I was a "Junk food
Vegan" almost daily binging on sugar and carbs and
wasting precious resources eating much more than
anyone actually needs. I knew in my heart that the
only way for me to truly help the Earth I work so hard
to preserve, by saving resources, was by ultimately
becoming a better picture of health and an advocate
for my body as a temple as well as a healthy example
of a Vegan representative. This meant what I had known
all along. I needed to Go Raw. I met Danny & Kathy
this past summer and they have helped me on my path to
better health and a greener Vegan lifestyle. After
struggling and playing games with eating Raw and then
Binging and doing the same thing over and over
expecting different results (the definition of
insanity) I knew I needed to make a change. Danny
recently asked me if I would ever pollute the Earth I
so love to which I emphatically responded NO! Then he
asked if I thought I was connected to the Earth. I
said "Of course" and reiterated how I agreed that we
all make up the beauty of creation. It was when he
asked why I would pollute my body and waste precious
resources that I made the connect. Danny reminded me
of the "Crying Indian" who used to cry on the 1970
PSA( about
how people were destroying the Earth & its resources.
He explained how the "Crying Indian" was actually me
crying because of how I was polluting and destroying
my poor body (the Earth) which I profess to love.
Wow! That woke me up and I made the connect of my love
of the Earth with my need to love myself, and that was
my beginning of going High Raw. This blog will explain
how I try to live my life as Green Raw Mostly Raw
Vegan. I will provide glimpses into my life as well as
ideas I use to live a Greener Vegan life and limit my
carbon footprint.

My green idea for today: Instead of dreading winter as
I used to, get yourself bundled up (in your warm
clothes purchased at the local resale shop..more about
that at a later date) and go out for a brisk
walk..look at Holiday decorations, smell the scents of
the season, see the sights, exercise yourself and your
favorite companions, be they 2 or 4 legged...Get
moving; it will help you stay warm and embrace the
beauty of the season. Maybe adopt a shelter pet to be
your companion and keep you moving (more about this
later, too) . Be sure to keep your space clean by
picking up a couple of recyclables on your path...and
on your walk meditate on your gratitude. This will
warm youup inside & out. Wishing you Peace & Blessings
until next time, "Green Gill"

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Durian Durian

I can only describe Durian as a Tattoo or a Name Change: Some Love it - Others can't stand the thought of it.

Is to Raw Foodies, as Icecream(and I mean really creamy Icecream) is to Non(raw)Vegans - I mean this fruit is the most treasured fruit in all of Asia( No joke: that is why they call it the King)
Flavors that are reminiscent of a Banana&Mango w/the creaminess of an Avocado - Perfectly packaged in-side natures container.

So You may be asking - Why doesn't everyone eat durian?
and that is a very good question, but something’s do need to be addressed: Like how a Durian looks like a medieval weapon or maybe how the stench it gives off can clear a house.
but once people become accustomed to these wonderful blessings - People just can't stop eating them.
So to help people transition into the ways of the Durian - I give thee the Durian Nirvana Cheesecake:

*Durian Nirvana CheeseCake
~Pie Crust
- 1&1/2C Walnuts, Soaked
- 1/2C Buckwheat Groats, Sprouted
- 1/2C dates
- 1Tbsp Cinnamon
- 1Tbsp Agave or Yacon Syrup
0 Salt
0 Flaxoil
- 1&1/2C Durian
- 2C Macadamia Nuts
- 1/2C Dates, soaked
- 1C CocoMeat
0 Cocowater or Vannilla Wtr
0 salt
- 1C Pinenuts
- 1/2C Dates, soaked
- 1C Carob Powder
0 Cocowater
0 Candied Ginger, Choped

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pie Anyone?

Of Course! Who doesn't want a nice slice of comforting pie, especially around the chilly time when Thanksgiving rolls around(for Me at-least).
And that is what I shall bring to you today
Pumpkin Pie - Raw Pumpkin Pie that is:)
One that is creamy, soothing, and even won over a pretty tuff crowd, which is my family

So without any further A'due, I give you Mocha's Rawsome Pumpkin Pie.

^^^Please be patient if it takes some time to load,it's worth it:) Thank you^^^
*Rawsome Pumpkin Pie
~Pie Crust
- 1&1/2C Walnuts, Soaked
- 1/2C Buckwheat Groats, Sprouted
- 1/2C dates
- 1Tbsp Cinnamon
- 1Tbsp Agave or Yacon Syrup
0 Salt
0 Flaxoil
~Icing/Filling Base - Save 1-1&1/2C's for Icing the Pie
- 2C Macadamia Nuts
- 1C CocoMeat
- 1/2C Agave or yacon syrup
- 1Lemon, juiced
- 2Tbsp Nutbutter
0 Cinnamon
0 Salt
~Pie filling - Add to ^^
- 1&1/2C Pumpkin
- 1C Carrot, pulp or grated
0 Cocowtr

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gobbling your way to health: Not a Message for the Faint Hearted

-Picture credited to:

With an average American Thanksgiving ranging from 2500kcal all-the-way up to a whopping 4000kcal,which the intake of Fat is no-doubt in the high 60% range(meaning:170g-300g), and all health experts have to offer is to "Prepare sweet potatoes with little or no marshmallow cream..." I find this humorous since everyone, at-least in the rest of my carnivorous family, can't wait to rush to the table for the big feast, or ... that's what they call it anyway.

I just have such a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that when I even propose the idea of them trying one of my 'hearty' raw vegan dishes, they laugh! Followed with a quick shove aside by my Uncle while He's rushing over to the 'TurDuckIn'(probably the most cardio He's gotten all year).

So I now propose a challenge to my readers, I kind of homework if you will, don't take part in the devouring of that,poor, meat-based creature, which, basically, is ritualistically killed :(, then worshiped over the course of about 2 days(maybe 3 if you have leftovers:) and replace it with a vegan(hopefully, raw vegan) dish. Now I know this may be hard for some – others it was already planned, but no matter what the circumstance, the day after Thanksgiving, give yourself a pat on the back; because in-a-way, you just protested for the saving of life.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

From the Womb

Quinoa, the so-called 'Mother grain', is at full capacity with its protein content and, on-top-of-that, they are all complete protein, which means that the protein contains all 8 essential amino acids. Also, Quinoa is great for raw fooders because it supplies the bulk calories, some people need, to gain muscle mass and is also very high in alkalizing minerals, such as Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium. Some people tend to speculate if Quinoa is an acidic grain, like most grains are, but there's no worries If your Quinoa is sprouted, which is the case for all raw foodist, the grain turns very alkalizing and it's nutrient density sky rockets!(There has been such recordings as the vitamin E content, per 100g, increasing 900% to 1200% - As if it wasn't already high enough) Along-with some of it's more hidden attributes, the most common consensus about grain is that they have High Fiber; which is indeed true, but not only when you sprout Quinoa does it become a predigested food and gain dramatic increases in vitamin and mineral potency, it maximizes it's dietary fiber store as-well. Although Flax is not only notourious for it's Omegas, but also it's Ligan content - Well I guess you can step aside flax, because Quinoa is chalk full of these probiotic forming ligans too!
To conclude the Weekend of the Aztec, I would like to share with all of you a recipie that I tweaked from Dr. Cousens book, Conscience Eating, called the Tri-dosha Grain Smoothie(which effectively balances all three dosha's with-in the Ayduavaic principle). Although I always have these sprouts on hand, for I am a hugh advocate of sprouting, others may not, in which case you could replace the buckwheat w/CocoPulp which is also nuetral to all of the Doshas(If you don't know what Dosh you are, I have a link under 'Lifesavers' which would help you detremine which type you are).
*Tri-dosha Grain smoothie
- 1/4C Buckwheat groats
- 1/4C Quinoa
- 1Tbsp Nutbutter
- Cocowtr
0 Salt
0 Stevia
0 Beepollen

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do I have to? - Spirulina

Lets face it

Spirulina doesn't give off too much of a welcoming smell or even posses an inviting color(In the words of Crayola, 'Oscar, the grouch, Green' & that’s putting it nicely), but matter-of-fact this superfood is filled w/ wonderful compounds, which could give a raw foodist, and people in general, that extra boost to supercharge them through their day! Spirulina, which has been consumed since the early 9th century, is a free floating bacteria, that is roughly 60% predigested protein. Although the Aztecs were not the first people to include Spirulina in their daily diet, they knew full-and-well of its incredible healing power. Spirulina is the highest dietary source of beta-carotene, as-well-as many other flavonoids and pigments such as chlorophyll, has a full vitamin b-complex, and also contains a rare fatty-acid only found in mother's milk(GLA). Furthermore Spirulina has been scientifically proven to treat forms of melanosis and keratosis due to chronic arsenic poisoning, remove heavy metals from the blood and in-prove alkalinity, and induce muscle-gain and correct anemia in both HIV-infected and HIV-negative undernourished children.
Along with all of these incredible health benefits, it tastes good to boot! And I personally loved my Pro(tien)coco-Carob Puddin' so much that I decided that will be my recipe for today, except, of course, I couldn't just show you the same thing twice(Now that would just be boring). So instead I decided to get all snazed up and put it into a video. I hope you-like :)
Chef de Mocha act I ... and action >> by the way "Wonder" is the word of the day :)

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Cacao, Who needs it? - .. Um .. Everyone

Cacao! Just the word alone arouses the senses – Doesn’t it? Back in my glory days of old, I would pound down Coco-Pebbles and Cookies & Cream bars until I was blue in the face. After going raw I haven’t had that ‘Luxury’, thank god, and have since, ventured on an expedition to find the raw, ‘glory’, food that can replace such items. That’s when I stumbled upon David Wolfe’s book, The Naked Chocolate. A’ Las, my Chocolate devouring inner-child finally found the treat He desired. After tasting my first piece of raw chocolate I was hooked. Since then I have a constant stash of Chocolate on supply and usually have some raw Chocolate bars well hidden from the relentless eyes of my parents.
Also, I couldn’t discuss chocolate any further without mentioning it’s outstanding health benefits and astronomical ORAC rating( As David Wolfe would say, “ It’s the Best ORAC Ever!”). Although Cacao is a very addictive and powerful food, I once again want to reiterate that it’s a POWERFUL food and should be consumed in moderation along with the many other “superfoods” that are on the market today.

With all of that said, without further A’ due – Cacao Alchemy(Cacao brownies 3 Ways):

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*Aztec's Peace of Mind
- 1C Cacao, Ground
- 1&1/2C Almonds
- 1/2C Flaxoil
- 1Tbsp Stevia
- (spear)mint, not too much(1tsp max)
0 Salt
0 Drop of wintergreen essential oil

*Aztec's Beating Heart:
- 1C Cacao, Ground
- 1&1/2C Almonds
- 1/4C each:Flaxoil&Cocowater
- 1Tbsp Stevia
- 1/4C Goji Berries, soaked
0 Salt

*Aztec's enriched spirit:
- 1C Cacao, Ground
- 1&1/2C Almonds
- 1/4C each:Flaxoil&Hempoil
- 1Tbsp Stevia
- 1/4C Hempnuts
0 Salt
0 Cayenne

Makes about 12 Brownies each
The Pictures correspond to the recipies. I hope you enjoy, I know My cuz and I did :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

They must have done something right - Aztecs

Once more, I must reiterate how the Aztecs' surely have done some amazing things.
-Ruled over Central America for sum 300yrs
-Developed exasperating architecture
-And, what I feel is the most important aspect of the Aztec life style, created new agricultural methods.
Anyone who has ever met me knows that I can go on all day discussing the Aztec’s culture, but I solemnly promise to you(my readers) that I will not fall astray, So instead I rather share the tale of three. Yes, just three and to make it even better, It will be distributed throughout the total of three Days!
So I hereby declare this weekend nation Aztec Weekend, in which I will share with you three of the wonder foods of the Aztecan diet:
-Cacao: David Wolfe’s heavy hitter will be addressed first.
-Spirilina: The Wonders of Algae shall be day numero dos.
-Quinoa: And the so-called ‘Mother Grain’ will be last.
So for now, I bid you A’ due and tomorrow we will venture into the Land of the Jaguar.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day in My Kitchen

Today I would say I was inspired by The Mid-Eastern Culture. Yesterday I messed up my Dinner Recipie and today I was determined to get it right.
Breakfast Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*Pro(tien)co-Carob Pudin’
- 1C CocoMeat
- Almonds, Sprouted
- Spirillina & Cholerella
- Cocowtr
- Carob
0 Stevia
0 Salt & Cayenne
*Aztec Smoothie
- Quinoa, Sprouted
- Goji Berries
- Cocowtr
- Bee Pollen
- Flaxoil

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
*Quinoa Kitchnry
- Quinoa(2&1/2C – 4C), Sprouted
- Herbs(Parsley & Cilantro)
- Flaxoil(2Tbsp-1/4C) >> 2Tbsp If 4C Quinoa & 1/4C if 2&1/2C
- 1 Tbsp each: Coriander, Cumin, & Mustard Seed
- 1-1&1/2C CocoWtr
0 Salt & Ginger
*Veggie-Cumin Pate
*Sprout Salad W/ Tahini Apple Dressing
- 1 Apple, Juiced
- 2 Tbsp ACV
- 1 Tbsp Nut Butter
0 Black Pepper
0 Curry

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And here comes the beasty :) *Raita
- 2c Mixed Fruit & Veg of Choice, diced(I used grn apple & sprouts)
- 1 Coconut’s Meat
- 1 Cucumber
- 1 Tomato
- Herbs(Mint & Basil)
- 1 Tsp each: Cumin, Coriander, Mustard Sd
-1/2 Lemon, Juiced
0 Ginger, Salt, & Cayenne
0 Cocowtr

*Mocha's Tum Yum Yogurt

Loving Sprouts & Living Foods

For my first post I would like to address an instrumental part of my progression as a raw foodist, which is the issue of sprouting. Sprouting predigests the food, which is the process that begins breaking down complex molecules into their simpler forms and more easily absorbed forms(Fats-Fatty Acids, Proteins-Amino Acids, Carbohydrates - Simple Sugars) and also increases their nutrients dramatically. These "Biogenic" foods are still growing which makes them so much more viable to the body and, as an added benifit, they contain such high level of Life Force energy. As Dr. Cousens simply puts it, "It is the difference of the Bioactivity of a growing child Vs. that of an Aging adult." -Also the fat in a sprouted Almond changes its Configuration(the "Cis" isomer of fat) transforms into it's more active form and begins to link and bond w/ other fatty acids(otherwise more fat is changed from monounsaturated into Polyunsaturated fat).
Since growing and sprouting almost all the food I eat(about 70%Sprouts & 30%Raw Food) I feel such a renewed sense of being and energy. I know all the Love and Energy that goes into growing and making all the wonderful recipes they help me create; and I know my body thanks Me in return.

-Here are some Pics. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
^^Some Sprouts basking in the sun b4 being Harvested^^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
^^The left one is layered w/WheatGrass & Sunflower and the right one is 4 diff. types of sprouts^^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
^^ Got to have the Kombucha thing going on - 7 days in.^^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
^^Some freshly Sprouted Quinoa^^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
^^And finally, a delicious meal made from sprouts(sprouted – Almonds, Greens, and Veg.)^^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
^^Another wonder Sprouted Meal^^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
^^Action Shot^^
Any Q’s feel free to ask.
-I will start updating the website w/some of my favorite recipies - I just thought the first post should be more informitive over-all.