Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do I have to? - Spirulina

Lets face it

Spirulina doesn't give off too much of a welcoming smell or even posses an inviting color(In the words of Crayola, 'Oscar, the grouch, Green' & that’s putting it nicely), but matter-of-fact this superfood is filled w/ wonderful compounds, which could give a raw foodist, and people in general, that extra boost to supercharge them through their day! Spirulina, which has been consumed since the early 9th century, is a free floating bacteria, that is roughly 60% predigested protein. Although the Aztecs were not the first people to include Spirulina in their daily diet, they knew full-and-well of its incredible healing power. Spirulina is the highest dietary source of beta-carotene, as-well-as many other flavonoids and pigments such as chlorophyll, has a full vitamin b-complex, and also contains a rare fatty-acid only found in mother's milk(GLA). Furthermore Spirulina has been scientifically proven to treat forms of melanosis and keratosis due to chronic arsenic poisoning, remove heavy metals from the blood and in-prove alkalinity, and induce muscle-gain and correct anemia in both HIV-infected and HIV-negative undernourished children.
Along with all of these incredible health benefits, it tastes good to boot! And I personally loved my Pro(tien)coco-Carob Puddin' so much that I decided that will be my recipe for today, except, of course, I couldn't just show you the same thing twice(Now that would just be boring). So instead I decided to get all snazed up and put it into a video. I hope you-like :)
Chef de Mocha act I ... and action >> by the way "Wonder" is the word of the day :)

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Courtney Pool said...

Don't worry - spirulina will grow on you :) Try making a spirulina salad - they're the best - just mix up some sprouts and greens in a bowl, pour in some oil (olive or hemp is delish) some salt and maybe pepper. You can add an avocado too if you like, and some lemon. Play around with it, spirulina salads are so satisfying!

Courtney Pool said...

P.S. You might also try chlorella - it has similar properties to spirulina and actually has an even higher percentage of protein. Most people either like spirulina or chlorella better - you might be a chlorella guy :)

Chef de Mocha said...

I’m sorry, I getting too goofy with my post titles I guess, I appreciate both of your input, but I personally love Chlorella, Spirulina, and Blue-Green Algae - I just put that title there in the mindset of that of a person from the general public. If you watched the video I gave one of my favorite recipes, which includes both Spirulina & chlorella. Next time I will be more careful with my titles, this was a learning lesion,

Courtney Pool said...

No worries, I'll check out the video :) Yumyum to algaes!

Raw Food Ideas said...

Hey Chef,
Found your post via google when searching for Spirulina recipes.
Love the blog. I must admit, spirulina does have a certain yuck factor - my GF nearly gagged when she first tried it. I've linked to your site in my videos section on