Sunday, November 25, 2007

Durian Durian

I can only describe Durian as a Tattoo or a Name Change: Some Love it - Others can't stand the thought of it.

Is to Raw Foodies, as Icecream(and I mean really creamy Icecream) is to Non(raw)Vegans - I mean this fruit is the most treasured fruit in all of Asia( No joke: that is why they call it the King)
Flavors that are reminiscent of a Banana&Mango w/the creaminess of an Avocado - Perfectly packaged in-side natures container.

So You may be asking - Why doesn't everyone eat durian?
and that is a very good question, but something’s do need to be addressed: Like how a Durian looks like a medieval weapon or maybe how the stench it gives off can clear a house.
but once people become accustomed to these wonderful blessings - People just can't stop eating them.
So to help people transition into the ways of the Durian - I give thee the Durian Nirvana Cheesecake:

*Durian Nirvana CheeseCake
~Pie Crust
- 1&1/2C Walnuts, Soaked
- 1/2C Buckwheat Groats, Sprouted
- 1/2C dates
- 1Tbsp Cinnamon
- 1Tbsp Agave or Yacon Syrup
0 Salt
0 Flaxoil
- 1&1/2C Durian
- 2C Macadamia Nuts
- 1/2C Dates, soaked
- 1C CocoMeat
0 Cocowater or Vannilla Wtr
0 salt
- 1C Pinenuts
- 1/2C Dates, soaked
- 1C Carob Powder
0 Cocowater
0 Candied Ginger, Choped


Bob Bush said...

YEAH DURIAN LOVERS UNITE! I've gotten into more trouble with durian, but I can't help eating it! There's nothing like eating fresh durian in the MeKong Delta of Viet Nam, on a hot day in January!

Keep up the great work!


Anthony said...

Loving it! There is this guy on the travel channel named Andrew Zimmern and he eats all this nasty stuff as he travels the globe, and one of the only things that has stopped him cold was durian. He would eat roasted spiders and fertilized duck eggs, but couldnt take the durian...

WHAT A JOKE! I just shook my head. Durian is king, always will be.

Good posts chef!

Sonya said...

Great blog! The Durian Cheesecake looks delicious!! I have never had durian before but would like to try it and make that mouthwatering recipe of yours ...
Where do you get your durians from?

Chef de Mocha said...

Local Asian Markets are your best beet Sonya - And they're quite expensive, so don't be afraid at the sticker shock(they're totally worth it).
Also if you are opening one for the first time: Let the Durian thaw first, when you have a pungent Durian smell traveling throughout the house, you can open it; and when you go to open the Durian there should be a kinda fruit fault line showing you where to pull it a-part.
Hope this helps Sonya, and I thank all of you for your nice comments.

skater dude said...

where do you get your durians???

skater dude said...

where do you get your durians????

skater dude said...

where do you get your durians????