Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pie Anyone?

Of Course! Who doesn't want a nice slice of comforting pie, especially around the chilly time when Thanksgiving rolls around(for Me at-least).
And that is what I shall bring to you today
Pumpkin Pie - Raw Pumpkin Pie that is:)
One that is creamy, soothing, and even won over a pretty tuff crowd, which is my family

So without any further A'due, I give you Mocha's Rawsome Pumpkin Pie.

^^^Please be patient if it takes some time to load,it's worth it:) Thank you^^^
*Rawsome Pumpkin Pie
~Pie Crust
- 1&1/2C Walnuts, Soaked
- 1/2C Buckwheat Groats, Sprouted
- 1/2C dates
- 1Tbsp Cinnamon
- 1Tbsp Agave or Yacon Syrup
0 Salt
0 Flaxoil
~Icing/Filling Base - Save 1-1&1/2C's for Icing the Pie
- 2C Macadamia Nuts
- 1C CocoMeat
- 1/2C Agave or yacon syrup
- 1Lemon, juiced
- 2Tbsp Nutbutter
0 Cinnamon
0 Salt
~Pie filling - Add to ^^
- 1&1/2C Pumpkin
- 1C Carrot, pulp or grated
0 Cocowtr


DawnSierra said...

Aw man.. I bet thats DELICIOUS! Wow!
If I hadn't already made my raw banana & coconut pie... ;D
Thanks for the recipe!

God Bless, Happy Thanksgiving!

sexyseal said...

WOW!!! wHAT CAN I SAY MY RY GUY IS BECOMING AN INTERNET SUPERSTAR. I can't wait to have a piece of your marvelous pumpkin pie. I can hardly believe you had this website up and running sooo fast. I really want to say that you are on your way to becoming the next Emiril of organic raw chefs. Take care and God bless my wonderful grandson!

raw_veganlondoner said...

Looks amazing as always!! Wonderful blog, keep the hard and RAW-kin work up!!

S.Milo said...

J - you are such an inspiration to my creativity!! Keep experimenting - thanks for sharing! May love and peace be with you. Can't wait to make the Pumpkin Pie!

immortalia said...

Hey that looks great!