Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Loving Sprouts & Living Foods

For my first post I would like to address an instrumental part of my progression as a raw foodist, which is the issue of sprouting. Sprouting predigests the food, which is the process that begins breaking down complex molecules into their simpler forms and more easily absorbed forms(Fats-Fatty Acids, Proteins-Amino Acids, Carbohydrates - Simple Sugars) and also increases their nutrients dramatically. These "Biogenic" foods are still growing which makes them so much more viable to the body and, as an added benifit, they contain such high level of Life Force energy. As Dr. Cousens simply puts it, "It is the difference of the Bioactivity of a growing child Vs. that of an Aging adult." -Also the fat in a sprouted Almond changes its Configuration(the "Cis" isomer of fat) transforms into it's more active form and begins to link and bond w/ other fatty acids(otherwise more fat is changed from monounsaturated into Polyunsaturated fat).
Since growing and sprouting almost all the food I eat(about 70%Sprouts & 30%Raw Food) I feel such a renewed sense of being and energy. I know all the Love and Energy that goes into growing and making all the wonderful recipes they help me create; and I know my body thanks Me in return.

-Here are some Pics. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
^^Some Sprouts basking in the sun b4 being Harvested^^
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^^The left one is layered w/WheatGrass & Sunflower and the right one is 4 diff. types of sprouts^^
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^^ Got to have the Kombucha thing going on - 7 days in.^^
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^^Some freshly Sprouted Quinoa^^
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^^And finally, a delicious meal made from sprouts(sprouted – Almonds, Greens, and Veg.)^^
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^^Another wonder Sprouted Meal^^
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^^Action Shot^^
Any Q’s feel free to ask.
-I will start updating the website w/some of my favorite recipies - I just thought the first post should be more informitive over-all.


gilljill said...

I am very impressed by your vast Raw Vegan knowledge and ability to convey it to the masses. You inspire me. Want to come with Mark & me to the FurFree Friday protest this Friday? It's a cool way to network and meet tons of kind likeminded individuals.
Peace & Blessings, Gill
P.S. Love the dreads! I am growing my own after I received more Chef Mocha inspirations...See ya Thursday on our Kind Thanksgiving Gratitude Day.

Doug said...

Hey, thanks for posting. It's so cool you found raw foods so young! Right on! Would you mind sharing your recipe for Kombucha? Great pics and thanks again for posting. My "go raw date" is 1/01/2008! I know it sounds hoky, but I'm committing to that date!