Saturday, December 8, 2007

Year in a Minute, or maybe two :)

As the Earth does its annual rotation, so do I! I move from one succulent (Ripe) in-season fruit, to the next. From Citrus, to Mangos, through Fig season, which then leads me to Persimmons! Nature has a perfectly evolved time-clock, which every fruit is already prepared in its eco-friendly packaging - how it was originally intended.
As you know, buying organic, sometimes, can be a hefty burden on a persons’ checkbook; but if the fruit is in season (preferably) local, it can relieve most of the pressure that our bank accounts can't handle. Saving cash and Eating healthy, that is the present I wish to bring you this Christmas - So I know present Mocha's Naughty and Nice List:
*Citrus (Oranges/Tangerines/Kiwi/Grapefruit/Berries)
- In 'Peak' season: January <-> April
Citrus is perfect for fighting off prime flu season, at-least in Chitown anyway, which runs late winter into early spring and acts as a wonderful cleansing fruit, for beginning raw foodist or "long-timers" who just came off of persimmon feasting and the cooler winter season. If you haven't noticed I do not include Pineapple in my diet, unless I have personally grown one or know someone that has, for a lot of essential nutrients have to be absorbed from the soil for a pineapple to fully ripen and lose its excess acidity - That's why, most, people can eat a so called ripe organic pineapple and have adverse side-effects towards them.
- In 'Peak' Season: May <-> July
Mangos, the most commonly consumed fruit in the world, pack amazing flavor and are supremely nutritious (High vitamin C & A, Dietary Fiber, & B Vitamins). Mangos contain fairly high caloric density and can keep a person going throughout the summer months! Also, make sure your Mangos are organically grown, if not the can have extremely toxic fungicides and Pesticides sprayed on them, so they can survive the long journey from South America - Most organic Mangos, that are in season, come from (North) America.
- In 'Peak' Season: August <-> September
Figs, My mouth starts salivating at the word, may be my number one fruit - closley followed by durian and Bananas. Figs don’t necessarily have to be organic, because sometimes, depending on where you live, a person may necessarily not be able to find organic figs - Just know that once a year, figs are sprayed w/methyl bromide and various other pesticides and fungicides(1).
- In 'Peak' Season: October <-> December
No better way to wrap up our year in a Minute, then w/ persimmons - We should be hanging these guys from our Christmas Trees, except I don't know how long they'll last :) They're two kinds of Persimmons, commonly seen in the U.S that is, which are Fuyus, which can either be eaten hard like an apple or when the fruit has developed a more soft flesh, and Hachiya, which are part of the astringent group of persimmons and have to be eaten when fully ripe - Very Soft and Jiggly flesh, both are delicious.
- Always in crop rotation - Always fresh
Support your Organic Banana Farmers - Inorganic Farming of Bananas are some of the most DEVESTING CROPS that are in circulation. For more information: Click Here>> organicgrocerydeals
*Melons & Coconuts
- Rotate Seasons w/each other: Melons warmer Months, Coconuts Colder Months
Both are Potassium rich pure water - Besides from Sprout Juice, I believe Melons/Coconuts are the 'Highest' vibe water a person can take in!
- Always in Season :)
I can go on-and-on about the benefits of sprouting, but I believe the majority of my viewers already know there power - I can go all year on just eating these guys alone! Between, Leafysprouts (Sunflower, Broccoli, Clover, etc), Grain Sprouts (Buckwheat and Quinoa, which both contain no gluten), and Bean/Pea Sprouts, I am Set.

- Figs Citation:


kara said...

I looked as some of your past posts and you dishes really look good. I didn't realize that b12 could be found in seaweed. I'm going to have to eat some more of that. question: is dolce seaweed? I've heard of dolce but I wasn't sure if it was seaweed or not?

Chef de Mocha said...

Yes Kara, Dulce is a form of seaweed and it is a very good source of human Digestible B12 - One of the highest in fact!
Nice choice Kara, thanks for reading