Saturday, December 1, 2007

No Way

I just went to the Doctor yesterday (I'm not sick, I just needed a current physical done for school)...
And, as-all-ways, He asked me the same two questions that every new Doctor I meet seems inclined to ask
- 1. How are you getting enough Protein?
- 2. Where do you get your vitamin B12?
So since I am hot on the subject, let me demystify the sleeping giant, which is the tale of vitamin B12.
So our story starts in a Time long ago, in a land that is far far away.
Ok! It wasn't that long ago and yes, it wasn't too far away either - In-fact it was in American, and all the countries for that matter, before the whole 'Pasteur and Germs' issue came about. Back before the USDA decided that anything that is natural cannot be good for us and irradiation, pasteurization, and pesticides were invented, raw fruits and Vegetable were able to roam freely in untreated soil - Free of Toxins and treated chemicals. Those were the days when we, Humans, were over-flowing with vitamin B12 and had not a care in the world of supplementation or other Meat & Dairy propaganda.
See the truth is, B12, a form of bacteria, is not in our food - it's on it. B12, a form of culture produced by acidophilus fermentation in the Soil, would then cling to the Vegetables or fruit that it came in to contact with. Unfortunately, after many years of removing these valuable bacteria from the soil, which our farmers (even organic)most-likely use to grow our Vegetable, Vegetables are no longer able to fill the requirements our body needs for this necessary bacteria.
So then Vegetarians, Vegans, and Living Foodies must now all turn to other sources that are 'up-to-snuf' with the B12 stuff (Dang I'm Gansta:), which I will, to the best of my knowledge, give a detailed break-down of each.
*Supplementation: The least recommended, but the most reliable. Over time, supplementation will be taxing on the bank account and may be analog (bad) B12 anyway - If it wasn't properly maintained.
*Fermented Products: Homemade fermented items are cheap, practical, and delicious. Kombucha, which is a strong source of B-12 (2C has 40-60% daily recommended dosage), can also be used to ferment other products, such as Raw Vegan Cheeses and Yogurts, as-well-as be consumed as a delicious beverage by its-self!
*Vegetables & Seaweeds: Properly grown Vegetables and Seaweeds (except Nori) are the most practical and nutritious way to intake the adequate amount of Human Viable B12. Seaweeds, with the exception of Nori - and the inclusion of Spirulina, Chlorella, & Blue-Green Algae, have exceptionally high amount of B12 and all of the Trace minerals of the ocean that surrounds them!

The truth is that no-matter what you tell the Doctors or ignorant people that jump on the medias' band-wagon, "The proof is in the Pudin'".
Just make sure you are taking in one of the three items listed, and you'll be able to show up your Doctor, if you even go to one, like I did.

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