Monday, December 3, 2007

We're not gonna take it!!!

I have to turn to the lyrics of good ole' Twisted Sister in dark times, such as these.
but it is true, Green Pasteurization - We're NOT GONNA TAKE IT! If Legislation passes this through, no-longer will any commercial, non-organic, greens will be viable, but Organic produce will sky-rocket in price, due to the USDA increasing their annual certification rates.
THIS IS A CALL TO ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, who wish that there food is full of life and no avoid of all of its enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients! I never thought that such things could be passed, until Almond Pasteurization, but it is time to ACT
This is a Link to the Petition Forum and more information >> Click HERE <<
Please support our farmers and fend off these insane acts, before we no-longer have any say.

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Joan said...

Terrific presentation tonight!
(You probably could have sold a bunch of sprouters on the spot!)
I'm going to get a single one and start small until I feel comfortable with it. I've sprouted in mason jars for years, but you definitely inspired me to take it to another level! Please come back and talk to us again!

I've some questions --

1) Do you sprout buckwheat groats or whole buckwheat?

2)Re sunflower sprouts having a lot of Omega 6 -- I love them but thought it was Omega 3 that we needed a lot more of (in flax oil, etc.) What sprouts are high in Omega 3 -- in addition to that mucilaginous flax?

3) Re spirulina, other algae as Vitamin B 12 source. I've read that the form of Vitamin B in these organisms is not true cyanocobalamin (the form of B12 that we need) but another form, which actually blocks the receptors for true cyanocobalamin and leaves you less able to assimilate the form of B12 that we need. I'm interesting in learning all I can about this -- if you have any info would appreciate it!

Best wishes to you and thanks again!