Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Wonderland

That is the word that encapsulates the whole spirit that the winter months have to offer.
The serene elegance, which is Snow, has already begun to grace me and my fellow in-habitant in the Great Midwest and will continue throughout the next 2-3 Months.
These are the times that most (organic) fruit, fresh anyway, is very difficult to come-by and if so, most likely at outrageous prices. So, for me at-least, during these months, I turn to grains and the trusty dehydrator.
Sprouted Grains (Quinoa & Buckwheat) are usually a main staple for me during the Winter months, for they are cold weather sprouts and most-likely would have been consumed at times familiar as these - if we were back in the days of our ancestors, due to the enormous nutritional content and the check-book friendly nature of these little guys :)
Grain dishes are also very satisfying and warming, but, this is where the dehydrator comes in, Grains (Buckwheat mostly - Quinoa can chill in the fridge anywhere from 1-2Weeks, if not to bitter to the pallet) ferment very easily - if sprouted and not immediately consumed. I suggest sprouting Buckwheat and then immediately dehydrating it for 3-5Hrs @ 105 - afterwards place in an Airtight container, located in a cool dark place in the house: Once this has been done, Buckwheat can keep for as-long-as one MONTH!!!
Once dehydrated, ground (Sprouted) buckwheat acts as a wonderful emulsifier, Due to the high lecithin content, and can be used as a substitute, in most cases, for nuts & seeds.
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Picture Credits: My Dad's Christmas Layout

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