Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Getting Greener with Gill! Recycling

We are blessed to have Jill, in our second installment of "Go Green with Jill!", on ChefdeMocha and todays episode is on recycling and other various ways to reuse goods to save the wonderful planet:)
Jill, being such a recycling enthusiast, decided to put the blog post on tape, due to the lengthy time that it would take you to read it. So let’s all thank Jill for saving time and the Planet!


gilljill said...

And the people I spoke to are Loretta (not Lucille, oops) at Allied Waste Services of Aurora, IL and Greg (not Mark) at the Resource Management Center which purchases recyclable items from Allied Waste. Sorry.

Ok, Ok I know I didn't show my space heater or my toes..I showed you my coat instead. I am a novice videographer so please be patient with me, and I also meant to say even if you put 2 bottles in a recycling bin you are doing something good for your environment. I accidentally said "even if you are putting 2 bins in a recycling bag," oops! Until next time... Getting Greener every day! Gill

Audry said...

Hi Mocha,
this question is a little late, but why do you say "except Nori" for getting B12?

Chef de Mocha said...

No Problem Audry,
The B12 in Nori is in an Analog state, which can hinder and prevent good b12 from being absorbed in the gut.