Thursday, December 13, 2007

Getting Greener with Gill! Recycling pt. #2

I am out of battery power on my camera so I need to
write to you this week to share the "How to Recycle"
part 2 of my Recycling blog and to reiterate some
basic rules of thumb.

Where we live in Aurora, IL, thankfully we have
unlimited recycling and just pay for garbage stickers
so by creating less trash we are actually saving money
as well as resources and energy and we will not be
contributing to more dumps like the nasty Hillside
Landfill that leaves a stench in the air by my work
that makes it difficult to breathe.

I want to make sure you have the basic knowledge
needed to help the majority of the recycling you put
out actually get recycled.

DO NOT put plastic bags, styrofoam, plastic utensils,
straws, most fast food litter, #6 plastics,
appliances, Ewaste or batteries (see or bottles that held non water
soluble items in your bins. Do not bag up your
recycling or leave newspapers in plastic sleeves or
leave the plastic caps on your bottles. Do not leave
food or dirt in containers, but please dump and wipe.
See for further general DO and DON'T
lists. Greg at the recycling center said the worst
problem they see is people attempting to recycle
plastic toys and #6 plastics so please be cautious.
Toys are not recyclable. Please donate them. (more
about resale shopping later)

For cool ways to recycle just about anything check out

A holiday Green note:
If you haven't got a tree yet consider a potted
Christmas tree that will live long after the holidays;
use energy efficient LED lights; use recycled gift
wrap or make your own....

Until next week "Do the Best You Can With What You
Have Where You Are!" And educate others..
Peace & Blessings,
"Getting Greener Every Day",


Michelle said...

Hey, I live in Aurora. I went to the Borrowed Earth Cafe yesterday. Food was so good and Danny and Kathy are so nice. It must be a great place to work. I enjoy your blog!


Chef de Mocha said...

They absolutly are wonderful people and unfortunatly, they couldnt hire me due to insurance laws - under 21! - but none-the-less they are amazing people and I'm so glad you enjoyed the food :)
Head Chef Atempsha is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan
I was told we need to chill sometime by Kathy Living!
I just moved back here from LA and just lokin for some raw friend to go out with.
Anyways email me back at screen names from that DeVO song.. been meaning to change....

kara said...

Hey...Post some more. I miss reading what you have to say.

Anonymous said...


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